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We are now in the new registration year. Any player who has not submitted a registration since January 1 this year is now no longer registered and must be registered before she can play.

For more information on registration rates and to download the 2013 registration form please click on the link: http://www.dublinladiesgaelic.ie/contentPage/63251/registration.

Players who have been registered by their clubs after January 1, 2013 are registered until May 31, 2014. No club should play any player who is not registered.

pJune County Board Meeting:

The next county board meeting is scheduled for June 18 at Parnell Park at 7.30pm.

All correspondence for consideration at this meeting needs to be emailed to reach the office by 5pm today.

pTESCO home-grown Club of the Month for May

Dublin LGFA in association with TESCO Homegrown is seeking nominations for the Dublin Club of the Month for May. Each month the winning club will be featured in The Herald. This section will give details of the club, its activities, the number of teams etc. Each featured club will receive a set of Tesco Homegrown sponsored jerseys.

To enter, log on to www.dublinladiesgaelic.ie and download the entry form, making sure to fill in all sections and email the completed form to tescoawards@dublinladiesgaelic.ie. The closing date is Monday, June 17 at 5pm.