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Bernard Brogan hopes brother Alan stays in blue

Bernard Brogan heads towards his 31st birthday in April.

Alan's inter-county future has been shrouded in mystery for months, but his brother expects a final decision this week and sounded relatively confident that the 2011 Footballer of the Year, just turned 33, might give it one more lash.

"Please God he stays on this year because, if he didn't, more spotlight would come onto me!" Bernard quipped.

"The longer he's still there I'm safe enough, so I'm his biggest fan to stay on."

After an 18-month injury nightmare, the elder Brogan returned to the Dublin team last year and showed he could still hold his own at elite level. But there are family matters to consider too, with another baby on the way in March.

According to Bernard, Alan is due to discuss matters with Dublin boss Jim Gavin this week.

"I'm confident. I'm hoping that he will.

"I've said my piece but it's down to him and Lydia," he stressed.

"Whatever his decision will be, if he's to stay on, I'd say the year he had (last season) has shown that he can still mix it with the best of them."

More immediately, the younger Brogan hopes to be considered for a seasonal comeback against Meath in next Sunday's O'Byrne Cup semi-final. "The body feels good - there are no issues," he confirmed.