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Ball in Gilroy's court over Sherlock's intercounty future

JASON Sherlock has put the ball back firmly into Pat Gilroy's court over the subject of his intercounty future.

The 1995 All-Ireland winner has not featured during the opening two games of the league after management confirmed that he would not be considered for selection until prior to the commencement of the championship.

Some expected Sherlock - who is still lining out for St Oliver Plunkett's/Eoghan Ruadh (who are scheduled to get their 2010 league campaign underway with a clash against St Mary's of Saggart this Sunday morning) - to drift into retirement but he explained yesterday that he expects to speak to Gilroy in April before a decision is made over whether both parites are happy for Sherlock to rejoin the panel for a 16th year in the Dublin jersey.

"It goes without saying that Pat is looking for new players, not just for the team, but the panel," he explained.

"He's not going to learn a whole lot new about myself so it suits both parties to leave things like that at the moment. The county championship in Dublin is kicking in around April so we will see how things stand then."

Sherlock will try to win a place in the Dublin squad when he makes contact again with Gilroy. Sherlock maintains that at 34, he is still up to the physical requirements of intercounty fare but conceded that his break from top level football has its benefits.

"It has been good for me to be away," he admitted. "I am still training quite hard with the club anyway.

"From a physical point of view it wouldn't be an issue but mentally it is probably good to be away from it."

"Reitrement certainly comes into consideration but everyone is different as to how the perceive things. That doesn't imply anything. It literally just means that I chatted with Pat over Christmas and that we wil chat again in April and see how things are. There has been no decisions made," added Sherlock.