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Ball back in Louth court

THE Meath county board has maintained that last night's decision not to grant Louth a Leinster final replay constitutes a good decision for the GAA at large.

And Royal chiefs have also blasted the GAA's top brass for not giving them more direction as the crisis surrounding Sunday's provincial final farce moved from the Croke Park pitch to the committee rooms.

Louth GAA chiefs are now reportedly considering a possible legal challenge to Sunday's result, although county board officers could not be contacted at time of going to press for their reaction to Meath's decision announced last night.

But Royal chairman Barney Allen insisted that Meath's decision to uphold the rules was the right call, adding: "Our decision is good for all the clubs in the country and counties throughout Ireland."

Allen insisted that the Meath board and players should not have been "put in the position" where all the onus was on them to decide if the match should be replayed. Meath secretary Cyril Creavin went further, stating: "We should have got a little more direction from Croke Park."

Even as the Louth board contemplates the legal route, their veteran forward JP Rooney has countered that he's "delighted" Meath didn't opt for a refixture and he now wants the Louth squad to refocus on the qualifiers.

According to Rooney, whose stunning goal last Sunday was eclipsed at the death by Joe Sheridan's wrongly-allowed winner, replaying the game "would have been an anti-climax."

He added: "What's done is done and we will try forget it now. It will be hard to get it out of our heads but we were training (yesterday) evening and there was a big group there again. We'll look forward to the next game and life goes on. When you see what happened in Donegal over the weekend, it puts everything into perspective. That was a real tragedy."