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All-Star selections vex Dub boss

DUBLIN are disappointed with their All-Star selection box.

Only one Dub will be in the ball gown for the gala banquet at the Citywest next month.

All are chuffed for Na Fianna's Muireann O'Gorman (right), whose dancing feet helped Dublin emerge from the shadows this term.

But the All-Star table should have more Dubs enjoying the starters and looking forward to dancing the night away.

"We are all delighted for Muireann. It's a big honour to get an All-Star nomination, and she richly deserves the distinction," states Dublin supremo, Marie O'Brien.

"But, to be honest about it, we are not happy that we only got one nomination, especially after the season we had.

"We reached the senior championship quarter-final for the first time in many a long day, and we were only a couple of points away from the semi-final.

"The strange thing is that other counties, who exited the championship before Dublin, have ended up getting more nominations than us, so work that one out.

"Dublin is such an important part of the organisation, and people in the county are working so hard to get the Dubs back to the top once more.

"We had a fabulous season winning the All-Ireland under-16 Championship as well as a National League title. I know they are not all related to the All-Star awards, but we still would have liked a bit more recognition.

"We would have been happy with a couple of more nominations. It would have given our players a lift, and it would have told them that we are closing the gap on the leading sides.

"Getting just one nomination was not great for Dublin. It would have done the county good if we had secured a few more."

Three Dubs have received All-Star awards -- Ciara Lucey, Louise O'Hara and Eimear Brannigan.

"We all realise that the All-Star selection always causes great debate, no matter what the code. That's fair enough, but we feel strongly in Dublin that we didn't get a fair slice this time," added Marie.