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All Star Hickey 'chuffed' with Daly appointment


Anthony Daly

Anthony Daly

Anthony Daly

SEAMUS Hickey has admitted to being completely blind-sided by the appointment this week of Anthony Daly as Director of Limerick's underage hurling academy but says he is "chuffed for Limerick hurling."

However, the All Star Treaty defender added that "any job that came up this year, he (Daly) was going to be a candidate for it."

"When he took himself out of Clare and put himself in that job in Dublin it showed an ability to step outside that comfort zone where he'd be familiar with his surroundings and really make hay," Hickey pointed out.

"I speak very highly of the guy because I think very highly of the guy."

"He's a great guy to be around. Even the book, I looked at the book and I thought it was great.

"We're here now today at the launch of the Madden leadership programme and I would consider him a case in point of a great leader within Clare and what he's done for Dublin it's very hard to quantify.

"Away from the GAA, his charisma and what he's done for hurling in Dublin.

"I think it'll leave a very telling mark and for us we've had very positive strides in our underages hurling in Limerick.


"With the success of the minors in the last few years and falling short in the All-Ireland this year, we were wondering where we could get the impetus and I think there's no better person. I'm really chuffed for Limerick hurling.

However Hickey isn't sure whether Daly's presence in Limerick hurling made him a candidate to take over the senior team at any point in the future.

"I'd say where the Limerick set up goes after that, I have absolutely no idea," he insisted.

"At the moment, at home we're blessed to have a Limerick man leading a Limerick team and we're delighted," concluded Hickey.