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All-Star Dubs still keeping Mr Sheen busy

THE remarkable Cora Staunton now has eight All-Star awards to polish. Mrs Sheen will do well.

Mr and Mrs Sheen have always been busy in the Kerry home of Mary Jo Curran, one of the greatest footballers to have ever played the game.

Mary Jo, from the pretty village of Beaufort, collected a staggering 11 All-Star awards.

Sinead Goldrick kept the Blue flag flying for the Dubs as she joined a distinguished list of Jackies that have been called to the stage.

The year 2010 was Dublin's best. They won the All-Ireland for the first time and were rewarded with six All-Stars. Cliodhna O'Connor should have made it the magnificent seven.

To this day, people still talk about Cliodhna's omission. But, hey, that's the All-Stars.


Cliodhna has won two All-Stars. She was the number one in Dublin's second best All-Star year in 2004 when they had four girls selected -- Louise Keegan, Bernie Finlay and Mary Nevin being the others.

Dublin reached the All-Ireland final that year. They lost to a powerful second-half performance from Galway. The year before, Mayo pipped the Dubs, who had three All-Stars that season -- Maria Kavanagh, Martina Farrell and Angie McNally.

Most years in the modern era, Dublin have had All-Star representation. Last term, the beaten quarter-finalists had Elaine Kelly and Sinead Aherne on board.

Sinead also got the nod in 2009, as did Cliodhna O'Connor and Siobhan McGrath. In 2005, it was Gemma Fay and Lyndsay Davey.

Suzanne Hughes and Sile Nic Coitir got the call in 2002, and before that, gifted Dubs like Louise Kelly, Julie Kavanagh and Denise Smith were picked.

Dublin's first All-Star was two-time winning goalkeeper, Kathleen Kennedy, back in the 80s. She set a trend. The great Goldy is the latest worthy resident.