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alive and kicking

St Kevin's Killian's in Tallaght is the direct result of the coming together of two communities in the traditional spirit of the GAA.

Kevin's of Kilnamanagh and Killian's of Kingswood were both formed in the mid-1980s but decided to amalgamate in 2000 into the club that is currently in operation today.

They owe a great debt to men like Billy Connolly and Paddy Somers for really getting the clubs off the ground almost 30 years ago.

Today's club has become a vibrant hub of activity in west Dublin. Current player and chairman James Harbourne has a positive outlook on their current state. Indeed, the juvenile training in Kilnamanagh community centre has a consistently growing attendance, which augurs well for the future.


"We have a full-time coach (Mark Fee) in the schools during the week," he explained. "He is working hard and he is really developing the juvenile side. We have a couple of juvenile teams and we are growing. Mark is getting a lot of the kids to the academy on a Saturday morning and creating club awareness in the area which is vital."

Given where they are situated, Kevin's Killian's are very much competing with soccer for the talented youngsters in the area. Harbourne acknowledges that is an issue but that they are more than holding their own.

"There is no doubt we are competing with soccer," he mused.

"But we have the juveniles on a Saturday and times can be tough in that sense.

"But we are doing alright and we seem to be getting a good share of the kids.

"We host a monthly blitz and that's a good success. We ran very successful Easter and summer camps and we got nearly 70 kids out to them. It was our first time really to run both in the same year so hopefully the numbers will stay growing."

Going forward, Harbourne is hopeful that the club will continue to grow and produce players capable of keeping them competitive at adult level.

"We really just want to develop as many juveniles as we can and have the kids coming through over the next few years," he said.

"That would be the aim and focus. We all can't stay playing forever so we need to have players coming through so that's the way we would be looking at things at the moment."

Little doubting, with the enthusiasm on display on Saturday morning, they will achieve those aims.