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A new focus for Fontenoy

YOU'LL never quench the spirit of the Gael. Clanns lit up this season's Tesco Dublin Senior Championship.

Dublin 4 won't form part of the Championship last four, but the fabulous Fontenoys have won many new admirers for their refreshing attitude.

Lynn Flood is one of the finest footballers in the city. She has long been a folk hero of Raytown.

Rachael Byrne has also been in exceptional form. She's a brilliant woman-marker. She reads the script with all the grace of Una O'Hagan.

Goalkeeper Serena Hannon has one of the best kick-outs in the business. She would prosper at the Bray Emmet's All-Ireland Kick Fada.

Grace Dunne is also highly regarded. She brings such devotion to the jersey.

And then there's the accomplished half-back, Susan Vaughan, who scored one of the goals of the Championship against St Sylvester's.

But it's the overall zest of the side that impresses the most. They have more bottle than the much-missed IGB plant beside Sean Moore Park.


Their manager is Albert Hannon. He sets the tempo. On the sideline, he plays every ball, he makes every tackle. Albert's colleagues are Mick Flood and David Ryan.

Albert's message is a simple one – work hard to get the ball and then make sure to use it well. He has overflowing praise for the squad.

"We were disappointed to go out of the Championship, but we'll regroup now and hopefully push on in the league. That's our priority now and I think the girls can come back and give that a real go," says Albert.

"They have a terrific approach. They never give up. They are Clanna Gael girls and one thing you can be sure of is that they won't lack commitment.

"We have young players coming through all the time. It's all about getting the balance right. It can take time.

"We had a good run in the Championship. We just lost out to Ballyboden in the end. I think Boden will do well again in the future. Boden are rebuilding. They are a fine, fit, athletic team. They have put a lot of work in. Fair play to their mentors."

Clanns also won't be found wanting as they seek to climb the stairs in Division 2. They have one of the most elegant homes around. Top-notch facilities and the fresh breeze sweeping in off the sea.

Ringsend has always cherished its sport and Clanns have a first-class, inspirational manager. The roses will always be blooming in Albert Square.

Yet, like all gents, he's quick to doff his hat to the ladies. "The girls work so hard. They deserve all the credit.

"They are just such a fantastic bunch. And as a management group, we couldn't ask for more. They are great ambassadors for this club."