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A Féile to remember for 'Knock

THE first one is always special. Castleknock will never forget the Dublin Féile 2010.

They never won a sausage in camogie before. Not even a runners-up prize or an appearance in a final.

The Féile Division 3 success will help to cement the future. "It's a big thing for the club," says camogie secretary Fergal Quinn.

"We had such excellent support. The side gelled so well together. The priority now is to keep them playing."

There should be no problems on that score, according to Castleknock's camogie chairman, Jim Mahony.

Jim reveals that the camogie structure is sounder than it has ever been. The future looks solid.

"The club is only 11 years old. We had camogie eight or nine years ago, but it didn't last due to the lack of numbers," explains Jim.

"We hadn't enough people involved and those that were there were stretched to the absolute limit to keep it going.

"But now we have so many of the parents involved. Each age group has it's own set of mentors.

"We are building things up from the bottom. The nursery is helping things big-time."

Castleknock are now fielding at U15s, U14s, U12s, two U11s, U10s, U9s and U8s. The progress can be clearly seen.

The other bright news is that the green, green grass of home is almost ready.

"We have Somerton now. It's the first time we have had our own grounds.

"We have our training area and new pitch, which will be ready soon enough.

"It's a lovely surface, and I have been telling the girls that if they can't play camogie on that pitch, they can't play anywhere.

"The surface is just beautiful. People in the club are working so hard to make everything possible."

And it's all worth it when the Castleknock faithful saw the smiles on the faces of the kids as they paraded the Dublin Féile crown last week.