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10 questions with... James McCarthy


Dublin's James McCarthy

Dublin's James McCarthy

 Dublin defender James McCarthy

Dublin defender James McCarthy


Dublin's James McCarthy

Dub star answers questions on his favourite Dublin moments

1. Who was your favourite Dublin footballer growing up?

"Eamon Heery or Keith Barr. I liked what they're about. Hardy. Tough. Really good footballers. Got up the pitch as well when they had the ball."

2. What is your earliest memory of supporting Dublin?

"My da used to bring me down to all the games in Croke Park. Mad for it. I used to love it."

3. Best memory of watching Dublin?

"Watching the old tapes of the old lad (John McCarthy) back in the 70s. They were a great team. I remember one that everyone talks about, Kevin Moran tearing up the field (against Kerry in the 1976 All-Ireland final) with his hair flying back. It would have been some goal if he had scored it.

4. And your worst?

"That dark day in '09 when Kerry done us in (in the All-Ireland quarter-final). I had great seats. I was in the Hogan Stand. When the Gooch got that goal, I just thought 'oh no.' That was a tough day. That was the last day I watched a Dublin game as a supporter before I was brought in."

5. Who is the quickest man in the Dublin squad?

"The quickest man…Ah, sure Jack (McCaffrey). He has me on that one!"

6. Who is the strongest?

"Eoghan O'Gara."

7. The most skillful?

"Diarmuid Connolly. Without a doubt."

8. What was your toughest day as a Dublin player?

"First game. Down in Tralee in 2010 (in the first match of that year's League). Marking Mr Galvin. He gave me a bit of a clipping that day but look, I learned from it!"

9. What was your best day as a Dublin player?

"The 2013 (All-Ireland) final. 2011 was great. I never felt the stadium rock like it did in 2011. But 2013, just getting the second one and putting to bed the (theory) that the first one was flukey. That was the one."

10. What are your ambitions for the rest of your Dublin career?

"To win as much as I can. I'd like to play until I was 30 or 31. Whether I'll last that long, I'll see."