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Fish and Chips on Wedding Menu

TOP Dublin footballer, Sarah McCaffrey, is getting married next Saturday!

The lucky man is fellow Clontarf player, Paddy Breen. It's the biggest 'Fat Fake Wedding of the Year'. The pair will 'tie the knot' in Aras Chluain Tarbh.

It's a fund-raiser organised by the club's adult players. The invitations cost €20. RSVP to Mossy (087-6958046) or Marguerite (086-1679110).

Meanwhile. Beshoff Bros of Vernon Avenue have brought good news to the Tarf.

They are the new sponsors of the Clontarf U16 and the Girls U14 teams (pictured).

Their fish and chips are the talk of the coast.

Ivan Beshoff began the business. He arrived in Dublin in 1913. He died when he was 104, the last surviving member of the Russian battleship, The Potemkin.