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Fins hail Dub Paul in All-Star Parade

A SPECIAL occasion at Fingallians. Paul Flynn was being presented with his All-Star.

A family wedding had clashed with the official All-Star function. Paul's sister, Sarah, married his Dublin colleague, Darren Daly.

Only one man to do the honours last Sunday night - the great Dully.

"We all wanted Dully to present the award. And without Paul knowing our thoughts, he wanted Dully as well," explains Fingallians PRO, Paul Gormley.

Lawless Memorial Park was jammed. All ages were present.

On one screen, there were pockets of Paul in action. On another screen were pictures of Paul.

From tot to teen, to Dublin superstar. Fingallians to the marrow.

Kyran O'Brien conducted an on-stage interview with the two Fins All-Stars. Ray D'Arcy look out. Kevin McManamon's band played. Bruce Springsteen look out.


"It's fantastic that Paul has won four All-Stars in a row, becoming the first Dub to do it," remarked Ciaran Duff.

"He deserves everything he gets because his attitude is first-class. It all boils down to attitude.

"He has a wonderful approach to playing football. He always wants to improve and learn."

Dully was a Dublin selector under Pillar Caffrey when Paul first got the Dublin call.

"Being from my own club, he was always on my radar. We used to have these training games when we'd bring in fellas to make up the numbers.

"Paul played in one of those games on a Monday night, and he has been in the panel ever since.

"It's lovely that Paul is on the Dublin team now. He's the added interest for us when we go and watch the Dubs. It's fantastic what he has achieved."

And Paul Gormley feels that the presence of such a respected duo continues to benefit the club.

"It's very appropriate having the presentation from one All-Star to another. Dully stood out so much as a footballer. He's such an icon in the county.

"Himself and Paul have put so much into the club. We are developing well.

"There is a good production line there now, and we are hopeful that we'll have more All-Stars in the future."

All of the Flynn family were there to join in the celebrations. Flynner wore a nice red shirt.

It will never change colour.