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faughs fab act

ON the way to Tymon on Sunday morning, Paddy Cole was on the radio. Sunshine 106.8.

When it comes to Dublin hurling, Faughs have been the long-time King of the swingers.

Paddy mentioned last week's Waterford-Cork Munster Championship clash.

At pitch-side in Tymon, John Brennan was also praising that tussle.

John has been a long-time traveller on the St Brendan's voyage. He well remembers Glorious Grangegorman.

He was hoping that Faughs and Brendan's could produce high quality entertainment here. He wasn't disappointed.

It was a Junior Hurling Championship B duel. But don't always believe what you read on the tin.

This was a game that would have done justice to the the hallowed Thurles turf.

Coming to the close, there was only three points between them.

Both clubs still had one hand on the victory. And that summed up the tempo of hour.

Referee, Pat Denieffe, was up with every spin of the sliotar. Pat was a brilliant hurler himself. He comes from the banks of the Nore - Cody County.

He played with the Dublin hurling Masters. His sportsmanship won him an army of admirers.

For many years now, he's been whistling a tune that Paddy Cole would approve of.

He doesn't like to interrupt the music. For Pat, and all lovers of the ash, there's no better place to be than in the middle of the dance floor with Sunday morning coming down.

Tymon is a delightful spot. Walkers, runners, happy dogs, and a busy play-ground full of wonder. Nearby, the Swans did a tight marking job on their cygnets.


The blue sky and the lush lawn suggested that the meeting of two sides prospering in Group 2 could be a dinger.

Both were certainly up for it. They were out of the dressing-room doing their warm-up half an hour before curtain call.

"Lads, a win today means a home quarter-final," came the shout from one corner.

John Small, in the home goal, has seen a few big games in his time. The love of the craft burns on.

At midfield, the hosts had Ed Fitzgerald. He scored three delicious points in the second half when the stew was on the boil.

His midfield opponent, Shane Foley, was outstanding. A class act. The Brendan's full-back, Stephen Brophy, and centre half-back, Kevin Meaney, are also highly accomplished.

And they have a gifted stick-artist at full-forward, Tom Bourke. He struck the opening point of the contest. It was a gem. From way out on the right. Sustained applause.

Brendan's played some super hurling. They were compact all over the pitch.

Yet the goals that Faughs scored were crucial, and the home club grew more into the boots after the tea.

Faughs hit two of their goals in the first period. They led at the break, 2-4 to 0-6.

Niall Gibbons hit their first goal on 20 minutes, and seven minutes later, Timmy Murnane's pass released full-forward, Paul Donohue, who took the slates off the roof with his soaring shot.

Even his brother, Trevor, wouldn't have smelt it.

Donohue and Murnane ticked on the first two points of the second half. Brendan's needed a lift. They got it with Emmet Kelly's goal, nine minutes in.

But soon, Faughs had carved a five-point advantage. Foley's goal from a free kept Brendan's believing.

Yet Fitzgerald and Murnane pushed Faughs four points clear, and, in the 52nd minute, Robert Corish's strike from the left sailed all the way to the sack. Faughs now ahead by 3-11 to 2-7.

Brendan's kept going. Trevor Purtill nicked a point, and then Shane Muldoon produced a goal.

Just four points in it now. And four minutes on the clock. But then Murnane converted another free, and a minute from the end, John Gall sent over another Faughs point.

"That's it, now," said a voice on the terraces.

He was right.

SCORERS - Faughs: P Donohue 1-3, T Murnane 0-4 (3f), N Gibbons, R Corish 1-0 each, E Fitzgerald 0-3, J Gall 0-2, N Jones 0-1. St. Brendan's: S Foley 1-4 (1-3f), S Muldoon 1-1, E Kelly 1-0, T Bourke 0-2, T Purtill 0-1.

FAUGHS: J Small; C McKiernan, C Glynn, D Ambrose; C Burke, A Ryan, M Coleman; E Fitzgerald, J Morrissey; T Murnane, N Jones, N Gibbons; J Gall, P Donohue, R Corish. Subs: P Jordan for Jones (57); E Fitzgibbon for Morrissey (59).

ST BRENDAN'S: R Barry; A O Conaire, S Brophy, J Walsh; M Kelly, K Meaney, T Purtill; O Carley, S Foley; C Walsh, D McCarthy, S Muldoon; E Aherne, T Bourke, E Kelly. Subs: M Kelly, P McDonagh.

MENTORS - Faughs: J Hearne, T Spellman, S Brew, T Donohue; ST BRENDAN'S: C Walsh, S Brophy.

REF: Pat Denieffe (Round Tower Clondalkin).

WIDES - Faughs: 7 (2+5); ST BRENDAN'S: 6 (5+1).

CONDITIONS: Sunny, bright morning. A whiff of a breeze. Surface in good order. Well flagged and lined. Hurling weather.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Shane Foley (St Brendan's).