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‘Fab Fourteens’ and Royals set to rumble

DUBLIN v Meath. It’s always a party. It will be no different this Saturday.

The advice is to take the plane to Clane for the Leinster U14 Leinster Championship final.

The last time they met, there wasn’t much in it. Dublin won by five points. Dubs manager, Fearghal Brennan, predicts another rock and roll show.

“We played Meath in the group earlier this season and we were impressed with them,” remarks Fearghal. “They are a solid side. They have skilful players, and they are very well trained. We know we face a big challenge.”

Dublin have a 100 per cent record going into the final. Meath’s only defeat in the group came against Dublin. Sharing the same pool were Laois, Westmeath, Wexford and Kildare.

Both the Dubs and the Royals have compiled some high scores. They have hit a trolley full of goals.

Dublin have hit double figures for goals in a couple of the games, while Meath produced nine goals on one occasion.

Scoring four and five goals per match, even more, has been a feature of both teams progress to the final.

“Both sides possess excellent forwards, and it might all come down to that on Saturday,” reasons Fearghal. Defences will have to be on the toes. That won’t be a problem either. There are 18 clubs represented on the Dublin squad - from Cuala in the deep south to O’Dwyer’s in the North County.

“There’s a good spread there,” acknowledges Fearghal, who admits that selecting the final squad was one of the toughest jobs of all.

“There is so much talent there. We could easily have picked two panels. The standard was much better than we thought it was. It took us quite a while to settle on the squad.

“It is the first time these girls have played for the county and they have been fantastic. They have taken to it like a duck to water.

“They have done very well. The campaign has gone nicely so far, but we fully understand how difficult this game will be.”

Fearghal is expecting the river to flow. “It is a big, wide pitch, so there will be plenty of room out there. Both sides are capable of producing exciting football.”

The Blues boss would also like to hear plenty of noise coming from the terraces.

“The support we have got has been fabulous, so I’m sure we’ll get a good following again.

“It will lift the players. Clane is not all that far from Dublin.

Fearghal is hoping that the Fab Fourteens can repeat the excellence of the Dublin minor marvels who won the Leinster chalice at the same venue earlier this month.

Dublin defeated Westmeath in the final in a swashbuckling, stylish display that confirmed how hard these young women, and their mentors, work.

Already in the locker, are the Leinster U16 and minor prizes, so the aim is to now make it a capital hat-trick.

But such talk will not be a part of training this week. Like they have done in every match, the Dublin management will simply ask the girls to do their best.

Commitment is at the core of the group. And they’d far rather be in Clane than Spain.

They’ll empty the tank for sure.