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End Game for Trap

CHAOS is now walking the corridors of Ireland's team hotel in Torshavn. And amidst wildfire rumours about players on strike, Giovanni Trapattoni is ready to dig his heels in.

But the wind is now blowing very firmly in his face and there is clear evidence that the FAI have already made a decision on Trapattoni. If that is true then, as in the past, carefully choreographed leaks will mushroom in the coming days.

Several names are now being bandied about including Mick McCarthy, Roy Keane and the latest, Harry Redknapp. The only certainty now is that Trapattoni has lost control of his squad.

There was a serious exchange of words between mild-mannered Stephen Kelly and Marco Tardelli over selection issues which almost ended in a walkout. However, Trapattoni shows no sign that he is ready to step down and make the FAI's task a lot easier.

"Me quit! Why? Friday was a disaster, yes. But in Europe, they say I am doing a good job. Why there is a difference between what I hear in the street and what the media say?" said a defiant Trap.