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Emma's achievement cheers Counsel

ATTITUDE makes the champion - Emma Whyte learned that from her first day at Good Counsel.

That was at under-9 level. Now, she's the Dublin Senior Inter-County Player-of-the-Year.

At Counsel, they work harder on the craft than most.

The Galtymore Road is teeming with tots on weekend mornings, and in the early evenings.

Now the kids have another role model to emulate. There have been a few.

Emma, a class defender, can trace her emergence through all the wonderful mentors that put in the time at the proud Drimnagh club.

People like Aoife Maguire, who joined in the celebrations at Westmanstown on Saturday night.

Young players at Counsel are taught that it's all about the team. And, already, Emma has been coaching her own juvenile side, despite her county commitments.

Counsel have been a pillar of the game in the capital. Their modest, hard-working ways have been their calling card.

And, like many before her out beside the Canal, Emma's golden feet can walk on water.