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Dubs supremo hails Mickey's master class

Paying homage to the master ..... that was Dublin manager, Jim Gavin.

Jim was out at the Garda Westmanstown Gaels launch.

"I see Mickey Whelan down there. A real legend of Dublin football," declared Jim.

"I remember when Mickey was my Dublin manager. All the sessions were different. They were tough, but enjoyable.

"I have very fond memories of those days. The lads that I played with still talk about those times.

"The biggest thing of all was that the guys were working hard on their football, but they were having fun doing it.

"I learned so much from Mickey. And that's the one thing I'd say to the children and the young players of today.

"Make sure that you enjoy your sport. Do your best. But have fun."


Jim also touched on the time he was involved with the Garda club. "This is where I learned my trade as a coach and as a manager," he revealed.

And he talked of the distinguished basketball coach, John R Wooden, whose wise words are featured on the front page of the Garda Westmanstown Gaels launch publication.

"In the Dublin camp, we often focus on his teachings. And it all comes down to being the best that you can be," said Jim.

"As coaches, our role is to help the players become the best they can be. When we have done that, we have done our job.

"And if we are beaten by a better team on the day, well that's sport."

That's exactly the Wooden philosophy. One of his most famous quotes reads: "Who can ask more of a man than giving all within his span. Giving all, it seems to me, is not so far from victory."

The Garda GAA club have been giving since the early 1920s. For many years, the membership was confined exclusively to members of the force.

It has seen many changes since. Among them, the advent of civilian membership, the grounds at Westmanstown, the formation of a ladies team and of the juvenile section.

Now, the Gaels is very much a club for all - members of the force and the population of the Westmanstown locality.

And the extensive document outlines a commendable vision. Maureen King, Chris O'Brien and all concerned with the plan have earned their stripes.