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Dubs Stars to call to Peat's Coolock home

PARNELL'S will host the AIG ladies football and camogie Dubs Stars spectacular on Sunday, December 28th.

The football game throws-in at High Noon. The Coolock venue offers top-class facilities for players and spectators.

It's also the home of the dashing Dublin forward, Lindsay Peat.

She had a towering season for the Dubs. She caused endless problems for the opposition as the Dubs stormed through Leinster and reached Croke Park.

Her ability to get out in front of her marker enables her to win valuable possession.

And once the ball is in those basketball hands, Lindsay can press many different buttons.

She can find a team-mate with clever vision or turn and head for the cat flap herself.

Her strength and pace make her a difficult opponent to contain. And she also has the eye for goal. Time and again, Lindsay can escape the clutches, gain a yard, and slip the ball into the onion sack.

It was back in 2009 that she made her Dublin debut, and she proved a valuable asset. Her vast experience has been a huge help to the younger players on the Dublin side, and out in Parnell's she is regarded very much as an icon.

A role model for the kids and very much a priceless Parnell's Pearl.