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Dubs manager hails the game of the century

DUBLIN manager, Gregory McGonigle, has seen a library full of matches over the years.

He places last Sunday's Aisling McGing U21 All-Ireland final up there with the best of them.

"That was probably as good a game that I have ever been involved in," he stated following the final whistle in Nenagh.

It was Dublin's fourth time to lift the title.

But Gregory reflected: "We might have collected the trophy, but football was the real winner."

He complimented the application of both sides. He highlighted the courage and the conviction of the tackling.

And he commended the skill-levels of the teams.

"The game just ebbed and flowed.

"It wasn't over till the last minute, and that's what you want from a game of football.

"And in fairness to the referee (Gerry Carmody), he did his best to keep it flowing."

It was all played out in a crackling atmosphere.

"You would have thought that there were 80,000 at the game," noted Gregory.

"But fair play to Cork and Dublin for bringing such support.

"A final like that will show people just how much work Dublin and Cork are putting in at U21 level.

"You wouldn't expect anything less from Cork or Dublin."