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Dublin's Tallest Ship sails into City Port

THE goodwill is still rising off the city streets.

Dublin beating Derry turned the volume up in the capital. The sun began to shine.

All over the place, the mood was lifted. "Good win for Dublin. Great to see."

Des Cahill said so on The Sunday Game. It raised the temperature at the Summer Camps.

Children began to dream of one day wearing the blue.

Small steps on the walls of Derry. But a giant-leap for Dublin-kind.

There's a long road to go. A big mountain to climb.

And, behind the scenes, Dublin have been steadily climbing.

The efforts made at juvenile level. The Dawn Patrols in the Phoenix Park.

The great Paul Beecher bringing a 1,000 kids to the lush lawns of Naomh MearnĂ³g.

Mentors giving up their time to teach the children the magic of the timber.

The Friends of Dublin Hurling starting the Camogie Convoy.

As the country waited for Dublin's renaissance, the county kept chiselling away.