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Dublin's GAA Stars promote mental health

IT'S a short, sharp video. Jim Gavin and Ger Cunningham are on it. John Costello too.

So are many of the leading Dublin players from all the codes.

It's a new addition to the Dublin GAA website, www.dublingaa.ie. Its subject is health and well-being.

All those on the video are asked a simple question: "Do you believe your mental health is as important as your physical health?"

Everybody gave a two-line answer: "I do".

The aim of the initiative is to help people of all ages to lead full, fit and healthy lives.

Playing sport and being part of a sporting community play a central role in constructing the overall health and well-being jigsaw.

On the committee are Chairperson: Clare O'Sullivan (St Olaf's), Secretary: Stephen Maguire (Fingal Ravens), PRO: Mick O'Toole (Craobh ChiarĂ¡in), plus Aileen Connolly (Dublin GAA) and Geraldine McTavish (Round Tower, Clondalkin).

They are urging all to support each other in recognising the four key values of Hill -

H: Health and Fitness Integration.

I: Inclusion - looking after our own and each other's health.

L: Listening and supporting.

L: Lifelong participation in GAA Games, clubs and communities.

Clare and her colleagues do wonderful work. Depression can happen to anyone, at any age.

'How's the form?' is one of the great Irish sayings. But it's a question that rarely gets an answer.

Most are experts at painting the face to meet the day.

Sometimes, a word can lift the mood. A song can change the climate.

The effort of the Dubs will be music to everybody's ears.

Fab Friday at GAA's HQ

FRIDAY sees the big Under The Mask Charity Ball at Croke Park.

Sam Osborne and his crew have done a magnificent job in promoting the event.

It will be a night of nights.

The occasion will highlight teenager's mental health, while also raising funds for Head Strong, Pieta House and Aware.

Tickets from underthemask.eventbrite.ie. Check out Facebook.com/underthemaskball

If anybody can help with sponsorship, please contact Sam on 086-1266937 or underthemaskball@gmail.com