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Dublin GAA Family back Mental Health

JIM Gavin and Ger Cunningham have said 'I Do.'

So has the Dublin CEO, John Costello. And also many leading Dublin players from across the four codes. They are all promoting the Dublin GAA positive mental health campaign. "The commitment of the players was vital to the campaign," states Mick O'Toole of Craobh Chiaran.

Mick is the PRO of the new Dublin GAA Health and Well-being voluntary working group. "This campaign is the first initiative the working group engaged in, and we chose it due to the significant need to get the message out loud and clear."

Clare O'Sullivan (Naomh Olaf) is the Chairperson and Stephen Maguire (Fingal Ravens) is the secretary.

When asked 'do you accept that your mental health is an equal challenge to your well-being as is physical health', the Dublin players and officials responded 'I DO.'

"We want to send out the message to people that you are not alone, and that people do understand and support you," explains Mick O'Toole.


"Let's all support each other in recognising mental health and saving lives, particularly in the lead-up to Christmas and the New Year.

"The aim of the campaign is to encourage all of us to acknowledge that we all have mental health and the need to acknowledge this, and to own it.

"And also recognising the fact that mental health needs to be on an equal footing with physical health.

"Join the 'I D0' campaign today. Watch the video on the Dublin GAA website and on Dubs TV. Follow us on twitter and facebook.

"Say 'I DO' and spread the message, open discussions, be there for each other. Ask and give support.

"Many organisations do excellent work with those that suffer with depression, self-harm and suicide - the HSE (particularly your local GP), Pieta House, Samaritans, Aware, Console and Headstrong, among others."

3Dublin GAA Supporting you and your Mental Health with I Do Campaign"

Further information contact Michael O'Toole PRO (otoolemicl@eircom.net) or Clare O'Sullivan (clare.osullivan@innovate-together.com) Chairperson Dublin Health and Well-being Committee.