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Diligent Davey hitting the heights in Jackies' attack

DUBLIN compiled many miles and a truckful of scores in their TG4 Leinster Championship journey this season. In their three matches against Kildare, Westmeath and Laois, the tally was an impressive 19 goals and 53 points.

Lyndsey Davey contributed 5-9. She has been in flourishing form. "Our forward line are getting a lot of good ball. We have been getting the scores, so we'll try to keep driving it on," she reflects.

She has been darting all over the place. Her sharpness makes her difficult to contain.

She highlights the depth of the squad. "This season we had the likes of Siobhan McGrath, Sinead Goldrick and Denise Masterson out injured, but the younger players came in and really stepped up to the mark.

"We'll continue to try and improve. It's the old story of one game at a time. You can only play who's in front of you."

The Skerries Harp (pictured) has seen the sport bloom and grow. "The profile has improved so much. The AIG sponsorship is a big lift. Women's sport is getting more and more publicity. The achievements of Katie Taylor and the Irish women's rugby team makes people aware of the input of women in sport.

"Females do put a lot of effort into their chosen sport and it is good that they are getting the recognition that they deserve. Live coverage of the games on TG4 has been a significant boost to ladies football."