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Deila must laugh in the mirror every morning

BARTOSZ Bereszynski has the kind of name that gives a football commentator pause for thought but they were serenading the man in Glasgow last night while they toasted a great result against Maribor.

A performance markedly better than the disaster that was the 
football part of Celtic's last-round horror show against Legia Warsaw gave them everything Ronny Delia could have asked for from an away game in Europe.

As we know, Legia were much better on the pitch than their administrators were off it, and sticking Bereszynski on for a few minutes at Murrayfield cost them a bundle. They probably should avoid the temptation to take a peek at the highlights. Maribor would not have stretched them.

Deila must laugh in the mirror every morning. Apart from the fact that he managed to shake out some cobwebs immediately after taking a pasting by the Poles, he was given the ultimate motivational tool.

Second chances are almost non-existent after a game has finished and the lights go out. Uefa doesn't mess with the statistics lightly, but they didn't hesitate with this one.

The result was that Delia had a chance to rebuild confidence and, by the looks of this display, he has succeeded. No mean feat. The Legia result may have melted away due to a couple of keystrokes in the Uefa disciplinary computer but he couldn't ignore the message it sent.

But he has turned it round. This was a bright and adventurous Celtic on the front foot away from home and were rewarded with the perfect early goal from Callum McGregor with barely five minutes on the clock.

They could have and maybe should have had more. Although they equalised through Damjan Bohar, Maribor were poor and Celtic had a bit of a waltz through the first-half and apart from a few scares, the second too.

Looking for more would be greedy though. The faithful will take this result and be grateful for it.

Nice one, Bartosz!