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Cluxton and Brogan 'two big, big leaders. They certainly set the standards'


Johnny Cooper, left, and Alan Brogan, Dublin, celebrate after the game

Johnny Cooper, left, and Alan Brogan, Dublin, celebrate after the game

Alan Brogan

Alan Brogan


Johnny Cooper, left, and Alan Brogan, Dublin, celebrate after the game

"THE Leinster Championship means a lot to the Dublin team," began Stephen Cluxton in acceptance speech number umpteen of his captaincy.

He's in a good spot to appraise the regard in which the claiming of the Delaney Cup is held too.

Yesterday was his 11th provincial title, level with Kerry's Pat Spillane and shy only of Cavan pair Jim Smith (13) and Tom O'Reilly (12) on their respective provincial roll of honour front.


Alan Brogan (10) is off Cluxton's tally only by virtue of his missing the 2013 campaign through injury.

On a Dublin football Mount Rushmore, those two are surely staring down from the granite.

"They're two outstanding Gaelic footballers first and foremost," praised Jim Gavin.

"They represent where they come from very well, their clubs and their communities.," he added.

"It's a testament to the hard work that they've put in over the last number of years."

"Two big, big leaders, more important for me off the field. They certainly set the standards.

"Leading into this game, I was under no illusion of where the Dublin players were and they were leading from the front," stressed the Dublin manager.

"I'm delighted for them," said the Round Tower Clondalkin clubman.

Their achievements come in an unprecedented era of Dublin dominance in Leinster, though not one that has fully translated to the All-Ireland series.

It is, at this juncture, given the standing of their nearest rivals, hard to see Dublin being beaten here.


"This thing comes in cycles, I experienced a downward cycle myself as a player," Gavin pointed out.

"In football trends it will swing the other way soon.

"It is not always going to be that way, that's what I'm saying.

"We are just glad we got over this Leinster campaign. Its done for us now and we look forward to the next game."

Tom Cribbin was in agreement.

"Without a doubt. Without a doubt," he suggested, when asked if Dublin's vice grip of the Delaney Cup could be loosened.

"Like, Kildare are after winning a couple of Leinsters (minor) in the last two years, they're after winning another one today," concluded the Westmeath manager.