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Clinical Clann make history

IT was steaming in Parnell Park. Dublin manager, Gregory McGonigle, was in the shade of the terraces.

Clann Mhuire's took gold in the Dublin Junior A Championship final for the first time, defeating St Maur's, 3-13 to 0-8.

"Maur's had beaten us twice this season," explained Mhuire manager, Gerry Barrett. "We have a small squad, and they did us proud."

Clanns were compact and composed, and they took some charming scores.

Carla Rowe had a hand, and two feet, in much of Mhuire's work. Four frees from Olivia Leonard kept the Rush clock ticking. They trailed from the start, but their resolve kept them in it.

They were foiled of a late goal when Ciara Morgan saved brilliantly from Niamh Carthy, but at that stage, the Naul ribbons were on the trophy.

Mhuire led at the tea, 0-11 to 0-6. Their full-forward, Kelly Morgan, produced a couple of jewels.

The first goal came four minutes into the second half from the remarkable Rowe, who was involved in the second and third goals. Oonagh Whyte got the second and number three came from Lisa Hutcheson, with lead support from Maria Moore.

Eleven minutes of additional time were played due to a leg injury to Mhuire's Ruth Morgan. She has the good wishes of all.