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Busy Moylette is bound for the US

Mayo's 'Sugar Ray' adjusting well to 'patient' pro tactics


Mayo-born boxer Ray Moylette

Mayo-born boxer Ray Moylette

Mayo-born boxer Ray Moylette

2017 is turning out to be a dream year for Ray Moylette, the 2011 European gold medal winner who joined the professional ranks in January.

"I was impressed that Ray had the right attitude," says his manager Kaz Evans. "So together we worked out a plan that would see him develop at a suitable pace."

The plan sees Moylette on target to be 10-0 before the end of the year. With a probable title fight before Christmas.

The man dubbed "Sugar Ray" remains focussed.

"When I said I wanted to be fast-tracked I didn't think it would be so fast," he says. "Some boxers like training. Some like the lifestyle. I like fighting. Fighting is my livelihood. The more fights I can have the better I can be. But obviously they have to be managed well."

Having had his pro debut in London in March, Moylette has notched up five wins, two by knock-out, and is gearing up for a busy autumn schedule with two fights in the States in September.

"I'm fighting in Boston and later in the month I'll be fighting in Connecticut on a show that will be televised on ESPN."

"Since his debut, Ray's been busy and he's delivered every time," says Evans. "We factored in a holiday so he could recharge the batteries ahead of the next phase."

Evans' Assassin Promotions is based in Brighton. Moylette is based in Westport.

"I do my road work and strength work at home and I do my boxing work in Dublin with Paschal Collins," says the light welterweight. "I get great sparring and technical coaching."

Moylette, who could be a busy, aggressive fighter as an amateur, is relishing the challenges set by the pro game.

"Patience is the word," he says. "It's being drilled into me. I'd been fighting for three rounds my whole life. That's a sprint. As an amateur, if you get caught, even with a jab, in the first round you're nearly chasing the fight. Now I'm trying to wear him down and make him vulnerable so that when I do attack I can hurt him."

"I'm learning," he says. "By the time I go to ten and twelve championship rounds I'll be well able for it. I'm introducing new stuff and I'm fresh and hungry again."

Moylette has had just one pro fight in Ireland.

"Boston has been so good for me already," he says. "I've had three fights there and I'm going for two more. We're getting the name out over there. I'm being well looked after there. I love it over there. And now I'll be getting television coverage which is very important."