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Brogan ready to fight for Blue berth

2010 Footballer of the Year, Bernard Brogan says he never expected to merely waltz straight back into Pat Gilroy's starting plans after rejoining the panel this year later than normal.

The middle of the three brothers has yet to play a single minute for Dublin this season after enjoying an extended holiday in Australia and Thailand over the winter but is fit to make his first appearance of the year against Down in Newry this Sunday, if called upon.

"I'm trying to get the body right and I don't want to rush it back," Brogan explained.

"I spent a couple of months in Australia so the body hasn't quite recovered from it. I have to try and get back into that team. It's not easy. The lads in the forwards are flying. So if I can move one of the lads eventually, I'll be happy enough."

Referencing the collective hunger which prevails in Dublin's dressing-room, despite last September's historic success, Brogan insisted: "You get that winning feeling for what it's like to win and you want to replicate it.

"I think that's why the Man Uniteds and Kerrys and these teams do it year on year. We've got a taste of it now so we'll be going tooth and nail to get that feeling again."

However, he warned: "When you win the All-Ireland, you have every team out gunning to get you so throughout the league, we're not going to get any easy games. And when we go into the Leinster campaign, everybody will lift it even more.

"They always did lift it for Dublin. It was always a big game. But this year we are going to have to put in a lot more effort to get the same results."