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Bressie is fitter than his Leinster pals, claims trainer

VOICE of Ireland coach and former Leinster player Niall Breslin is fitter than most of his former teammates, his personal trainer claims.

"He's an animal in the gym. He's conscious of keeping in shape and looking good," says fitness expert Paul Byrne.

"Even when he's in London he keeps in touch all of the time and follows his programmes when he's over there.

"He'd be stronger than most Leinster rugby players now at the moment. He's got just eight pc body fat."

Paul made his comments as the RTE star was swamped by teenage girls for an appearance in Clane, Co Kildare.

The singer was attending the opening of Amazon Beauty Clinic last week.

Bressie Fever has been sweeping the country since the launch of the Voice of Ireland and the former Blizzards front man has quickly become the most desired man in the country.

"All the women just go mad for him. If you could make an aftershave called Bressie and put it on to get the same effect it would be great," Paul said.