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Brady feels he has maturity for top level


Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

An analyst like Gary Neville has already noted the change - in a positive way - in Robbie Brady, from the callow youth he knew at Manchester United to the impressive defender for Ireland and Norwich City.

Brady, 23, has already emerged as Ireland's first choice left back, having (for now) dislodged Stephen Ward and he's almost certain to statr in the next two Euro 2016 qualifiers but the Dubliner, who came on the scene with an attacking swagger has also been playing in defence for his club, to positive reviews.

Neville praised Brady's form of late and the former St Kevin's Boys man admits that he is now, at the age of 23, where he should be.

Leaving Manchester United can be hard to do for any player, whether that's on a free transfer or on a £3million deal to Hull City, and Brady says it took time to get his head around what was needed from him.

"When I first went over (to United) it was the biggest club in the world and me coming over from back here, it took me a while to get to grips with what it really took," says Brady (pictured).

"When you're training day in, day out just the whole football life it would never have been 24 hours. I was thinking about it but I wasn't as intense, and I was still in awe when I went over, and maybe it took me a little while to get what it really took.

"I think my time at United and then my loan spells at Hull helped me mature and grow up and get my head around what it took and that might have been a small switch.

"I always wanted to play at the highest level but it took getting that in your mind, and knowing what it takes was a big thing.

"But I feel I am on the road now and I know what I want and I'm setting goals for myself and hopefully I can keep on going," added Brady, who took time to acknowledge the part which Joe Corcoran, the late United scout, played in his development.

The season has started well for Brady and the Canaries (bar Sunday's heavy loss to Southampton) and now he moves on to the international stage, away to Gibraltar on Friday.

"You can't be complacent, they've got nothing to lose," says Brady "We saw them against Germany and they came out of the traps quickly, and were willing to get stuck in, we won't have any complacency going into this game."