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Boniek's praise for Gunners keeper

POLAND legend Zbigniew Boniek believes that the current side, who managed a first-ever Polish win over Germany on Saturday night, are living in dreamland.

Boniek helped a great Poland side finish third in the World Cup finals on two occasions but in his time as player and (briefly) manager of the national side the former Juventus great never tasted victory over the Germans.

"It was a happy victory but a deserved victory, the team worked hard for it," said Boniek, who made his comments in his role as head of the Polish FA in a normal interview and not in a cringe-inducing appearance on a Saturday night TV chat show.

"If football matches were done in the media, and not on the pitch, then the best manager of the Polish side would be David Copperfield. But he doesn't speak Polish and he does magic. Our coach, Adam Nawalka, concentrates on work and not on doing magic.

"Saturday at home to Germany was a brilliant win but we have to look to the next game now, Scotland are a stong side, they had a good win over Georgia so we have to put the German game to one side and get ready for Scotland," added Boniek, heaping praise on Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

"I think his confidence, from start to finish, infected the whole team. Germany had a lot of chances to score but our goalkeeper stood up to them."

Coach Nawalka added: This win puts us in a good position in the table after getting six points from the first two qualifiers. We won the game and made history."