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Birthday Boy Talts was gift to capital city

WORD came through on the tele-printer. Talts was celebrating a birthday. A big one.

He'll always be a star of Tuam, and a Dublin diamond.

For Brian, nothing compares to the scent of ringside. The deep heat of match day.

He has moulded a generation of footballers. For St David's, Dublin and many clubs.

They all speak fondly and with huge respect for a figure who is regarded as one of the finest minds of Gaelic football.

He has always been the player's man. He wears the love of the game on his sleeve.

And on the final whistle, there's a handshake for all.

He's been a champion of the airways with Mick Hanley. Compelling listening on Dublin City FM.

His knowledge is as deep as the Corrib and the Liffey.

Dublin football has been blessed by his presence. Hopefully, the Artane Band struck up Happy Birthday.

Two points for a free

would liberate game

JAMES Last was back on the tele. The Sunday Game tune.

Weeks and months have been spent debating the state of Gaelic football.

People worried about the future. Tales of parking buses, electric blankets, grey duvets and getting everybody behind the ball, including the Maor Uisce.

Stories that even in under-age club football, teams are placing a priority on installing high security gates.

Jim Turner says it's high time the two points for a free was introduced.

He argues that it would make the game flow a lot better. It would bring more expression to the canvas.

It would encourage young players to try and emulate the deeds of Cooper and Connolly.

It would make a player think twice about committing a foul. Jim's mind often drifts back to the St James's Gaels/Herald Floodlit Cup.

Many a late comeback at The Iveagh was fashioned by the two pointer free. It led to much drama.

Good defending is as much an art as good attacking play. But if a quick, inventive forward is thwarted by foul play, Jim says that the two-pointer free would soon soften the offender's cough.

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