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Ball to bounce high on banks of the Thames

BIG Ben is ringing out. The white smoke is rising. Wexford are taking the fast train to London.

The teams will meet in the quarter-final of the Leinster Intermediate Championship on Sunday.

The Leinster President, Finbarr O'Driscoll, is a proud St Olaf's man. He's thrilled to see the game expanding overseas.

"This is a big opportunity for London to promote the sport," he says.


"There has been a huge increase in the numbers playing the game right across England.

"It is doing very well in many schools and in different areas throughout Britain."

Finbarr adds that the Leinster Intermediate Championship will offer the best drama.

Dublin continue to dominate the senior grade, and the Junior competition only sees two counties, Carlow and Louth.

"I think the Intermediate Championship will be very interesting. You are sure to get some good matches there.

"You have six counties taking part - Longford, London, Kildare, Offaly, Wexford and Wicklow.

"It's a pity there are only two teams in the Junior Championship. A decision was taken that counties can't enter a second team. But with more counties involved, it would make it far more worthwhile."