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Audience tipp their hats to a splendid show

THE memorable All-Ireland U16 Championship semi-final confirmed how far the game has travelled.

The quality of the match filled the hours of the homeward journey to Kerry and Dublin.

Earlier this season, Nenagh had hosted another marvellous match in the U21 All-Ireland Aisling McGing final between Dublin and Cork.

Dublin manager, Gregory McGonigle, said it was one of the best games he had ever seen.

Likewise, the super sixteen's of Kerry and Dublin had the audience on their feet.

The pace, the skills, the fitness. And the spirit.

The contest showed how the standards have risen so sharply. And how good coaching, and hard work, are key. Character always means so much in the arena. And the Blues had it in Tipp.

They were seven points down at the tea. And Kerry scored a quick goal after half-time.

But still, the young Dubs kept trying, and, crucially, kept believing.

And with eight minutes left, they only trailed by four points.

The inspirational captain, Clara O'Sullivan, led the way.

Dublin's first half goals came from Danielle Lawless and Caoimhe O'Connor.

Caoimhe added a penalty. Kerry won by five points in the end, but, oh, what a night.