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Aileen urges all to support game

MARTINA MCGILLOWAY showed the attention to detail that Francis Brennan would be proud of.

Martina organised the Dublin Camogie Annual Awards Night last Saturday.

It took place at Westmanstown. It ran with all the precision of a Rolex watch.

Aileen Redmond was the Guest of Honour. She played on the celebrated Crumlin team that won the All-Ireland.

She decorated the Dublin jersey and she is one of the best Presidents the association ever had.


Aileen will leave high office in March. She'll continue to take her place in the stand.

She'd love to see more joining her. "I am asking people to come out and support our sport," declared Aileen.

"As females, we don't support each other. Come to the games and bring somebody with you."

Hedgo was in the audience. He would agree. He's a fully paid up member of the small ball community.

So is Gerry O'Sullivan. He was the MC. As Tina Turner always said: 'Nobody does it better."

Chairman, Pat Martin, had cheering news. Three new clubs have arrived.

Pat paid a lovely tribute to Andy Kettle, the hero of the North County, who was a true friend of the sliotar.

The old city misses Andy. He was a gent among gents. He wore the blue shirt with pride. Elaine O'Meara appreciates such selfless folk. Those that keep giving and ask for nothing in return.

Elaine thanked all those that have kept Dublin Camogie sailing on, in good times and bad.

Her words summed up the dedicated Mona O'Sullivan. The award Mona received was most apt.

Mona's club is Ballyboden St Enda's.

They won their fifth successive Dublin Senior Championship title last year. Playing at midfield was Jill Horan, who collected the Senior Club Player of the Year award.

She is a decorated Tipp All-Ireland winner and All-Star, and she was chuffed when Ballyboden St Enda's opened their doors to her when she arrived in the capital.

"They made me feel so welcome," said Jill.

She can feel the climate change around the county. And she predicts brighter days. "In the past, many counties would possibly have taken Dublin for granted when they'd be playing them," revealed Jill.

"But now with the new management structure, and all the talent coming through, people will be wary of meeting Dublin."

Maybe the day is near enough when teams will face Dublin with all the enthusiasm of climbing into the ring with Katie Taylor.

HONOURS: (Pictured left) County Junior Players of the Year - Nh Peregrine's Christina O'Reilly (Junior) and St Vincent's Deirdre Johnston (Premier Junior).