Spitting girl infected garda

A 17-YEAR-OLD girl who attacked six gardai by kicking, spitting and a headbutting has been remanded on continuing bail pending sentencing at the Dublin Children's Court.

The girl has pleaded guilty to attacking six officers in Coolock on May 29 last year.

A garda sergeant was attacked twice while another officer suffered an eye infection from the teen's spits.

Judge Bryan Smyth heard that a probation report on the girl found that she was at a moderate risk of reoffending and showed little remorse. In court, the girl apologised for her actions.

Son's drugs wreck family

A "HAPPY family" was torn apart when their teenage son racked up debts to violent drug dealers, the Dublin Children's Court heard.

His family have already handed over thousands of euro to them, their home has been attacked and recently an effort was made to kidnap the 17-year-old, the court was also told.

The Dublin teen was charged with criminal damage to his father's car last Thursday and brought before the Children's Court. He had been remanded in custody last week.

Yesterday, Judge MacGrath granted bail and the teenager was remanded to appear again tomorrow.

Boy locked up for wallet theft

A 17-year-old boy who believed that drink spiked with drugs sparked a mini-crime wave was detained for four months yesterday.

The boy had pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to theft, trespass, obstructing a garda and criminal damage offences, which occurred in north Dublin on July 17 last year.

On July 28 last he received a suspended sentence for these crimes but was his case was re-entered after he was subsequently convicted of theft of a wallet, interference with a motor vehicle and trespassing.

Defence counsel said the teenager's family had been attempting to get psychological help for their son but Judge Bryan Smyth said the court had to activate the sentence.