South City Crime Watch: Later patrols in the docklands

Grand Canal Square

Residents living in Grand Canal Dock have said that new measures introduced by gardai have not entirely quelled the problem of anti-social behaviour.

The summer months always bring a spike in anti- social behaviour around the area according to residents, and gardai have allcoated extra resources to try and combat the issue.

Garda patrols in the area will now be moved to the evening times and a Facebook page will also be set up to allow people to log crimes.

Ballyfermot: Bonfire party ruins estate green

RESIDENTS in the Croftwood area of Ballyfermot are outraged after their green area was wrecked by a bonfire.

Last Thursday a number of youths gathered in the area and set a rubbish pile alight.

They left bottles and cans behind them and the council were contacted to clean up the mess urgently because of fears that the green area would become a regular haunt for drinking parties of this type.

“This was an unusual thing to happen during the summer months as it is something residents usually see at Halloween, so it is important that it doesn’t become an ongoing problem,” said a source.

Christchurch: Gangs drinking led to brawls

LOCAL businesses have raised concerns about gangs of youths congregating in the area near Christchurch at weekends.

Groups of young people are gathering regularly for drinking parties and have been responsible for brawls in the area also.

“They cause more trouble than any visitors to the city or anyone else,” said a source.

“It’s become a very regular thing now.”

The area around the cathedral boasts several popular tourist pubs that attract evening crowds.

Walkinstown: Thieves target meat to sell on

THIEVES operating in Walkinstown have been targeting large consignments of meat recently.

It is believed that there are two strands of theft of meat ongoing in the area.

“There have been reports of some people stealing meat as they are hungry and in need,” said a source.

“But another trend has begun which has been more organised, where what appears to be a gang are stealing quite a lot of meat and selling it on.”

Grafton Street: Bike thefts in shop district

CYCLISTS have been warned about a spike in bike theft around the St Stephen’s Green area.

There has been an increase in the number of bikes being taken from racks in the area which has prompted a number of garda operations to tackle the problem.

Recently a bike thief was caught in the act and his picture uploaded to social media after lifting a bike from a rack near a shopping centre. The expensive bike was later returned to its owner.

Cyclists are advised to invest in an high-quality lock to protect their bike.