So how long are you away for, Posh?

Fiona Dillon

LIKE other busy mums, Victoria Beckham certainly piles the luggage high when setting off on holidays.

The designer didn't travel light when she set off for a Las Vegas trip -- there were so many suitcases, the boot wouldn't even shut.

The mum-of-four shared a picture of piled up cases in the back of a black car with her Twitter followers.

But the former Spice Girl and fashion designer claimed that the piled up luggage was her "team's" rather than her own personal luggage.

And she shared a snap of her own case which showed a rather neatly folded selection of clothes.

Following her arrival in Sin City, she posted a picture of herself in her hotel with the Vegas skyline in the background. Wearing a white robe, she tweeted "dressing gown and Manolo's in Vegas!" She posted of her delight last week when Barack Obama was re-elected president of the US.

Since moving to the US five years ago, Victoria has established herself as a designer and showcased her 2013 collection at New York Fashion week in September to great critical acclaim.

Meanwhile, there is speculation about whether her footballer husband David has another season in him with LA Galaxy, two years shy of turning 40.

It is understood he and Victoria (38) are considering a move to New York with their children.