Slow and steady losers will win the weight race for a 2015 hot bikini body

Some old fashioned common sense tips from Pat Henry

Pat Henry

This is not the time to take an all or nothing approach.

Realistically, those who take baby steps to forming a new, healthier lifestyle will be the ones who are looking svelte and delighted with themselves come bikini season. Here are some tips to help you stay focused on your new year target of a better body:

1 Make a plan

Most of all, start the year off with a definite plan and goal. Invest in a good hardback notebook. Every day before work, write down your future short-terms goals and targets for the week/month. Whether it’s fitness, financial or personal, set the torpedo on target.

2  Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself take at least one personal training session per month with a qualified trainer who understands your needs and can help you achieve your potential and be your very best.

3 Don’t waste time and effort on foolish diets from books

Get a tailored plan from a dietitian. Design a complete eating plan. It should cost no more then €100 – money well spent for your new life.

4 Chew first

Before your food gets into your tummy, try chewing every mouthful for a minute rather than eating mindlessly and shoving the food into your mouth without even savouring the flavours and textures. Plus your saliva begins the digestion process, which will help with the assimilation and elimination of

your food.

5 Workout early

Try getting your workouts completed before work. Not only does it rev up your metabolism early but it avoids your workload getting in the way of your training. Set out your best training time and stick to it.

6 Plan the workouts

6 Allocate three hours a week for your training. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, for example, giving your body a chance to rest on the off days. Rest is as important as actually training. We need recovery time, an hour for a workout is enough training. After 45 minutes your body will automatically shut down fat burning, so finish your training and then get a life.

7 Repeat and increase

If you want to increase any body part, simply lower the repetitions and increase the weight: 8, 6 and 5 reps using strict form. To decrease your body weight use light weights, moving fast with no rest in between movements, with reps of 20, 15 and 12. Maximum time for working out is one hour.

8 Don't eat too late

Avoid eating too late as it can interfere with good sleep – the body suspends the recharge time by digesting food which then decreases your energy levels and stops fat loss by interrupting hormone levels. So get some sleep.

9 Walking up a storm

When not in the gym, your target walking time is four miles in an hour. Get cycling or swimming – you could join a good cycling group or walking group. They often go hiking at weekends and it’s a great way to meet new friends.

10 Avoid eating while watching TV

You are more inclined to eat more junk food. Eating mindlessly is a waste of good food and energy. Turn off the TV, sit around the table and talk to your family and friends. And enjoy your meal. Last week I was in a restaurant. At the opposite table were three children roughly aged between four and six. All had headphones on and were plugged into iPads – even the father was at his computer. Plugged in while eating delicious, expensive food – what a crazy way to teach children to communicate.

11 Stay focused

And finally, stay focused on your plan. Keep it to yourself to avoid negative comments and, above all else, set out to enjoy 2015.