Sleet and snow on the way just in time for bank holiday

Claire Murphy

PUT away the summer clothes this bank holiday weekend -- sleet and snow are on the way.

Freezing conditions are expected the length and breadth of the country, with heavy rain showers spreading from tomorrow.

Met Eireann weather forecaster Joan Blackburn said that there will be visible frost and "wet snow", particularly on higher ground.


Today is the last day of the temperate climate this week. Friday will be generally cloudy, with only some brief bright spells, while the weekend is lining up to be particularly cold.

"It is very mild at the moment -- currently it is 17 or 18C, which is pretty good for this time of year and is above normal," Ms Blackburn said.

"It is raining in the south and will do so for the rest of the day, but elsewhere it is mild.

"Tomorrow there is a bit of a transition. There is a weak system coming over, which means rain and it will turn very cold.

"Unfortunately we were getting very bright weather at the beginning, but the bank holiday is going to be very cold," she added.

On Saturday, there will be a scattering of showers across the country, with temperatures in the range of 8-11C.

"On Sunday, there is a system coming in from the southwest, which will bring with it some very heavy rain over Munster in particular in the morning, and this will sweep over the country," Ms Blackburn explained.

"On the higher ground in particular, we will certainly see some sleety, wet snow late on Sunday."

On Monday, there will be more rain, particularly over Ulster, some of it quite heavy.

"There is certainly a risk of heavier stuff on Monday, too," Ms Blackburn said.

The forecaster had some advice for the weekend, saying: "Don't get out the summer clothes yet."

The first couple of days of next week will see the unsettled weather continuing, with below-average temperatures and spells of rain, Met Eireann said.