Skinner is relishing role in Doctor Who

By Sherna Noah

Comic Frank Skinner has said he has been worried that his guest performance on tonight's edition of Doctor Who may not be up to scratch.

The Absolute Radio presenter said he was so excited to be asked to be in the BBC1 show that he did not consider whether he would be any good in the role.

Skinner plays a character called Perkins (inset) in the show, set aboard an Orient Express-style craft that travels through space.

He said: "Since I did Doctor Who I've spent many an hour fretting about my performance, whether it was good enough.

"Now we get closer I'm thinking, 'Oh I couldn't care - I'm in it'.

"So my excitement has overtaken my personal dignity.

"That hasn't happened for years."

Skinner said he was hoping to have a "bit of a celebration" with his loved ones when the show ha been screened.

"I'm thinking of getting one of those family gatherings, you know those ones you hear about when everyone gathers round the television set and then they find out they've been cut out of the episode completely.

"I'm thinking of having one of those."