'Singer bombarded dancer with texts while she was with boyfriend'

Caitlin McBride

RONAN Keating is said to have bombarded Francine Cornell with text messages during their seven-month romance.

The Boyzone singer (33) met the backup dancer during Boyzone's British tour last year -- and is reported as being so involved that her boyfriend began commenting on their burgeoning relationship.

Ronan is said to have been constantly texting the blonde dancer on his secret mobile phone -- which he used for all correspondence with her.


Francine (26) had been involved with her ex Nick Robbins for several years prior to allegedly striking up a romance with the pint-sized performer.

And according to Nick's father Royston, several members of his family noticed a change in Francine's behaviour since embarking on the tour.

Royston said: "The last time I saw her was at a birthday dinner which my wife and I attended with Nick and her a few days before they went off to Portugal.

"I remember thinking something didn't seem right with Francine. Nick had remarked to me and his brother, Andrew, that she was working with Ronan Keating and that she seemed to be always receiving text messages from him."

According to Robbins, Francine broke up with her long-term boyfriend on his 30th birthday -- in a public scene on holiday with their friends.

"He didn't seem to be jealous about it, he just thought there were rather a lot of them. The next thing I heard was that she told him, in front of their friends on holiday, that she wanted to end things. It was October 25 -- Nick's 30th birthday," he said.

His father also said that the couple, who had been together for three years, even discussed marriage before their split last year.

"They had been together for three years. He took her all over the world on holidays," Royston added.

"She moved into his Chelsea flat and he helped her career.

"He boosted her confidence and encouraged her to go to auditions.

"He was really pleased for her when she began working with Ronan."