Sinead's big money bonanza as she gets break on new show

Laura Butler

PRESENTER Sinead Kennedy has revealed her delight at getting her big break into adult television at RTE.

The children's TV host told the Herald that her co-anchor role on the Big Money Game Show couldn't have come at a better time.

Cork native Sinead (28), who fronts Juice, said that while she'll be nervous taking on the role alongside Brian Ormond, she's thrilled to be taking a step up.

"I'm so glad to get this break and take a step away from kids' TV, I've been doing it nine years now. I think I've only been ready for adult jobs in the last year or so ... it'll be nice to get other opportunities," she said.

"I am nervous, but I'm not really thinking about it yet. There is an added pressure to make sure I do it well."

Sinead and Brian will hit screens on June 9 for a three-month run on RTE One.

"Brian and I are good friends ... We've worked on loads of things together over the years, I actually think his first ever presenting job was with me. It'll be really comfortable and fun ."

Sinead finished her first season of Juice this week, but missed the party.

"I'm studying psychology at night, so I had to leave the dinner and go to class while everyone else went out," she said.