Shock Jock ... another plane ... and yet again I have to ask, what were you thinking, Neil?

Being more cognisant than most as to the difficulties involved in being a newspaper columnist, and having to provide engaging opinions on a regular basis regardless of any potential paucity of material, I am loathe to criticise those who do so on a regular basis. But for self-pleasuring Cork-based Shock Jock Neil Prendeville, I am willing to make an exception.

Indeed Neil "No Holds Barred" Prendeville is settling nicely into his weekly celebrity column with The Irish Sun, to such an extent that he seems to have forgotten all his past problems.

Yesterday's offering, for example, featured a small piece extolling the virtues of Ryanair, describing how, "I love them even more now since they've gone on this major love-in with their customers".

It's an unfortunate choice of subject, and indeed expression, bearing in mind that Neil is best remembered for his own personal "love-in" with arch-rival Aer Lingus when, three years ago, he was caught masturbating on their London to Cork route due to the combined effects of a day's drinking and taking pain-killers.

So to write so soon into his journalistic residency about air travel is, one would have thought, brave at best, and inviting ridicule at worst. It does not get any better for Prendeville, however, because not content with trumpeting Ryanair's customer service, and the implied dig at Aer Lingus that this entails, he also saw fit to comment on another aspect of the flight, namely the removal of the famous Ryanair fanfare that would be sounded every time a flight landed safely and on time.


"The fanfare is gone and I miss it," wrote Neil. "I never thought I'd see the day but I do and its silly replacement just ain't the same." All of which can prompt this one, inevitable observation.

I don't know why Neil is complaining about the removal of this intrusive climax to the flight. After all, he's perfectly capable of providing his own...