Shamed 'Don leak' garda is living with gangster's ex wife

Ken Foy and Conor Feehan

A DISGRACED garda, who was sacked from the force for allegedly leaking sensitive information to Eamon Dunne's gang, is living with the former wife of the State's most infamous supergrass.

The Herald can reveal that former garda Donie Tarrant has been in a close friendship with Anna Bowden -- the ex wife of gangster Charlie Bowden.

Bowden was forced into witness protection and given a new identity abroad in 2001 after giving evidence against John Gilligan's gang during the investigation into the killing of journalist Veronica Guerin.


Yesterday the Herald called to the former Ms Bowden's home in Finglas where the door was answered by Mr Tarrant, who was clad in a dressing gown.

The garda confirmed his identity, but when asked about corruption allegations, he referred all questions to his solicitor.

He told the Herald that Anna Bowden, who is not involved in any crime, was not in, and would not confirm the nature of their relationship.

However we can reveal that Mr Tarrant -- who is aged in his early 50s -- has been close to Ms Bowden for several years.

It is understood that the pair first became friendly when he was involved in garda protection duty at the house in the aftermath of her estranged husband's evidence at the dramatic Veronica Guerin murder trials well over 10 years ago.

Garda protection is no longer required at the house but Mr Tarrant is understood to have lived at the Finglas property on an 'on-and-off basis' since moving from his previous home in Ashbourne, Co Meath, not long after being dismissed by the gardai around two years ago.

Mr Tarrant was a garda for 28 years, spending most of his time in Finglas where he worked as a warrants officer for a number of years.

Detectives from the NBCI, the garda's serious crime squad, put surveillance on Mr Tarrant in the months before he was arrested. He was later suspended and sacked.

They believe he was giving key inside information to the drugs gang -- keeping them one step ahead of gardai.

Mr Tarrant has previously strongly denied the corruption allegations.