Sex assault of young mum in front of child

Ken Foy

GARDAI in Tallaght are investigating three serious sexual assaults which have happened in the space of just a week.

Two of the incidents happened in the space of just four hours of each other on Sunday, October 20.

Senior sources have told the Herald that none of the shocking incidents are linked and no arrests have yet been made.

However, it is understood that strong lines of enquiry are being followed by detectives in relation to two of the attacks.

CCTV has been studied by officers who may make an arrest in one of the cases in the coming days, according to sources.

In the latest incident to become known, a young mother suffered a brutal attack in Tymon Park while walking with her toddler at 4pm on Sunday, October 20.

She was grabbed from behind as she walked with her one-year-old daughter and then punched in the face before being sexually assaulted in front of the child.

Just hours later at 7.30pm in nearby Kiltalown Way, a 14-year-old girl was raped by an older teenager after getting separated from her friends.


And on the afternoon of Sunday, October 13, another rape happened as a teenage girl walked home from a friend's house through a football field in Fettercairn, Tallaght.

The teen managed to make her way home afterwards and was later brought to hospital by her mother.

The traumatised victim of the Tymon Park attack spoke to the Tallaght Echo this week and said that the attack came out of nowhere.

"When I turned around he put both hands on my shoulders and started hitting me in the face and grabbing at my chest and behind," she said.

"For the first few seconds, I didn't do anything but then I found my voice and started to scream and fight back.

"He was grabbing on my arms as well and when I started to fight back, he threw me on the ground and ran off," she said.

She then ran to her car and contacted gardai. She has been left with bruises on her face and cuts on her arms.