Secrets of naturally thin women...

Anna Coogan

SOME girls have all the luck, says Anna Coogan, but those that don't could learn a trick from their skinny sisters. Why are some women fabulously slim and yet never seem to diet?

According to health experts, it's not because they are blessed with a high metabolism, but because they tend to burn off excess calories without even noticing they're doing it.

1 Naturally slim women are never on a diet and never go on about food -- instead they enjoy their food without overeating, and are naturally inclined towards moderation.

2 They love to exercise regularly and so have enough muscle mass to keep their metabolism on an even keel. Exercise that is a varied mixture of fat burning and muscle building is the way forward.

3 When a naturally slim woman overeats, she naturally compensates by moving around more without thinking about it. She may have a few more gym sessions or get stuck into housework.

4 Research suggests that naturally slim people are not susceptible to emotional eating. They only eat when their body needs fuel.

5 After pigging out, they don't want more of the same and, instead, eat salads and vegetables and drink lots of water.

6 A naturally thin woman is thought to sleep well, and so is less likely to eat lots of carbohydrates to combat sleep deprivation and stress.

7 Research suggests that naturally slim women eat a good breakfast, and this leaves them less likely to reach for a biscuit mid-morning. So breakfasting like a queen, lunching like a princess and eating dinner like a pauper may be the way to go.

8 They eat what they fancy yet know when to stop, and put their fork down when they are full. So if they have a slice of cake, they don't think that they may as well finish off the whole plate now that they've started!

9 They eat a balanced diet. They don't think eating lots of fruit and vegetables is a task to be completed, yet instead will naturally eat well because they know their body feels better after consuming good foods.

10 Experts suggest that naturally slim women feel no shame around food. They will have a few chips if they want but they will never stuff their faces and so don't associate food with guilt.