Second child hurt after pet husky savages little girl (3)

Barry Duggan

A SECOND child has been attacked by a pet husky in less than a month.

The three-year-old girl was playing with other children when the family dog launched an unprovoked attack on her on Saturday afternoon.

Her father and uncles came to her aid and managed to rescue her from the dog. The girl, from Clare, is recovering at home

The attack comes just three weeks after Reece O'Leary (2) was attacked by his family's husky in the back garden of his home in Limerick.

Today, Reece's mother Mags told the Herald her son was still too nervous to play in the back garden of his home.

In the second incident, it is understood the child was playing in the garden of her home near Ballyncally, Co Clare.

The girl was walking across the garden of her family home with some other children when, without warning, the usually placid dog attacked her.

The unnamed girl sustained a number of injuries.

She was taken to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick, before being transferred later to Galway University Hospital for further treatment. She returned home last night and is said to be making a good recovery from a head injury. The dog which attacked her will be destroyed.

Mags O'Leary, mother of Reece, said she was delighted to hear that the little girl in Clare was recovering. "It is terrifying incident for any child. It is good to hear she will be okay," Ms O'Leary said.

She said her son was continuing to recover from his ordeal.

"He is back at home and is playing about the house, but he has to go back to Cork tomorrow for a check-up," she said.

"The staff in the hospital have been brilliant to him. He has some scars at the moment, but we are hoping they will heal through the years."

Little Reece still refuses to venture into the back garden of his home following the attack at his home in Yeats Avenue, Carew Park, Southill.

"He won't go out there at all -- he is still to nervous," Ms O'Leary said.

Neighbour Jonathon Curtin (21) was credited with saving the child's life after he jumped over the back wall and repeatedly hit the dog with a shovel.