Scarface poster, 44 pairs of runners and 40 bottles of aftershave in CAB raid

CAB officers found 44 pairs of runners at the property

CAB officers found a hot tub

CAB officers found 40 aftershave bottles

thumbnail: CAB officers found 44 pairs of runners at the property
thumbnail: CAB officers found a hot tub
thumbnail: CAB officers found 40 aftershave bottles
Robin Schiller

More than 40 pairs of runners and a large collection of aftershave were among the assets found in the home of a suspected Dublin drug dealer which was raided by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

A hot tub, a sauna and a poster of Tony Montana - the fictional drug lord played by Al Pacino in the film Scarface - were also found when gardai raided the home of Jason Boyle.

The fortified Finglas property had also been fitted with bulletproof windows.


The convicted armed robber had spent thousands renovating his council house located on Casement Drive with what the High Court ruled were the proceeds of crime.

The property, valued at around €250,000, was seized along with €72,000 in cash. A property in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, was also frozen.

The Finglas house was previously a modest three-bedroom local authority home but Boyle spent thousands on renovations, as well as installing a state-of-the art security system.

CAB officers had claimed that the assets were owned by alleged drug-trafficker Jason Boyle, but were registered in the name of his parents to conceal his involvement.

Around 40 bottles of aftershave, 44 pairs of runners, a 65-inch television and the Scarface poster were among the items found.

The CAB also said that Boyle's only legitimate means of income was social welfare.

Boyle drove a number of luxury cars, including an Audi A7 valued at €47,000 which was also seized.

The CAB has alleged that he is heavily involved in drug dealing, which he has denied.

Boyle was previously sentenced to 10 years in jail in the UK in 2004 for armed robbery.